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Prepare managers to navigate change, hold change conversations, deliver respectful notifications and ultimately improve the employee experience and employer brand.

Be Future Ready

When it’s time to restructure, or reduce your workforce, RiseSmart career transition experts are with you from the beginning. We help carry the load, and free up your team to focus on leading the change.

Change and transformation triggers many emotions. Redundancy notification can be as hard to give as it is to receive. RiseSmart’s trained professionals are equipped and ready to listen to your people’s concerns and will support and guide individuals to productive, positive outcomes.

Dedicated support for
People Leaders

By preparing managers to navigate change and confidently deliver redundancy notifications, your organisation will build leadership capability, improve the experience of referred employees and protect its reputation.

Navigate Change

Navigate Change

  • Workshop that aims to empower people leaders and HR to thrive in a shifting and changing environment
  • Working closely with an internal champion, RiseSmart provides a practical yet powerful framework to enable people leaders to lead their teams through change
Notification Training

Notification Training

  • Prepare people leaders to deliver redundancy notifications confidently
  • Achieve smoother workforce transformations and reduce legal liability
  • Support your leaders with industry best practice, tools and resources to have a successful conversation

Creative a Positive and Productive Experience for
Remaining Employees

Retain talent by helping remaining employees develop a strong sense of purpose and identity through change. Nurture employer loyalty by supporting remaining employees at all ages and stages to take a whole-of-life approach to planning for the future.

Quotes Envisage

Sometimes we spend more time planning a holiday than contemplating the next 10 or 20 years of our life. Our holistic framework – Envisage - guides individuals as they go through organisational and demographic change. Envisage is a gift of time for employees to consider the impact of identity, money, work, wellbeing and relationships on their future. It is a proven and adaptive framework for organisational change projects, engagement and retention, wellbeing strategies, career transition, and retirement transition.

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Outplacement Solutions

Outplacement Solutions

During times of organisational change, redeployment can be part of a holistic career transition solution that includes outplacement for those employees who either can’t — or don’t — choose to remain within the company. Get the most value and better overall results with a contemporary outplacement and redeployment solution designed with your unique business challenges and goals in mind.

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